Once the simple assessment is complete, we can talk to you as parents and establish a unique and individually planned learning programme to support your child’s progress and educational growth.

From there, your son/daughter will take the first steps to a positive and progressive future. Using computer activities, structured worksheets, workbooks and audio resources, our 60-80 minute tuition sessions have the technology and experienced teachers to provide a fun learning environment for your child.

Here at Kip McGrath we are perfectionists, we believe no child should be left with loose ends, question marks or puzzled faces when it comes to education. We’ll take our time to teach and nurture your child, so they’re confident to tackle educational challenges as they arise – after all, we want your child to shine like the stars that they are!

Each child will learn at their own pace, meaning we DO NOT gloss over the small details. We have an array of tuition programmes available to fit your child’s requirements:

Early reading

Kip reading

English comprehension

Essay writing

Learning maths

Maths expert

Exam study skills

Study skills programme

Reception – A Levels

English as a second language (ESL)

7+, 11+ and other entrance exam preparation

Initially, we carry out a free educational assessment to establish the particular areas your child may be having difficulties with. The 40-60 minute consultation is very relaxed, no silences or test environments, your child is encouraged to relax and complete simple written and verbal comprehensions, as well as mathematics related questions.

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“The Kip team are clearly focused and have the child's learning at the heart of Kip's objective. The children are encouraged and developed in a structured yet calm and relaxed environment. They utilise written, visual and audio/IT packages to support the learning. This allows the children to experience different learning styles and helps develop confidence in all those areas. Kip supports the Primary Curriculum by setting and securing the foundation skills that once secured are then developed. Each child is treated as an individual and has a programme of development that is assessed and re-evaluated and changed as needed. Mr Meyer and his team also consider the anxieties of parents in an ever changing educational environment and he is able to support and reassure them on their child's development. A superb concept.”

Caroline G