Special Summer treat

Children love taking their friends along to their clubs and have asked us many times if they can. This July and August we are throwing our doors open and making Kip even more fun and something to look forward to by allowing your child to bring their friend along during July and August.

How it works:

Step 1: Check with your child who they would like to come along – this can also be a family member as long as no one is currently attending Kip or has just recently left.

Step 2: Check with the friend’s parents and choose a mutual convenient date during July or August – choose as many dates as you can as places are limited and a bigger range will provide a better chance to get a space. Please make sure they are happy for you to share their e-mail and phone number, we need this to get in touch.

Step 3: Click on the link below to fill out the details needed to book.

Step 4: Your friend will receive an e-mail with a separate link to fill in what they would like their child to work on during their free lesson with your child.

Step 5: You will receive a call or e-mail from our admin team to confirm the date and time. You will then both receive confirmation e-mails.

Step 6: We think they would love it so much they might decide to enrol! If they do then there are a few special thank you gifts for you both including free lessons and workshops, see below.

We thank you all for being part of our amazing Kip family over these 19 years and we can’t wait to welcome your child’s friend/sibling to Kip!

Currently attending family

What will you get?

  • Your child will be able to bring their friend along for a FREE lesson
  • Your child will get a prize from the prize tower

If your child’s friend enrols:

  • You will have 1 lesson fee deducted from your September 2024 invoice!
  • Your child will receive 1 FREE holiday workshop to be used during any holiday in the academic year 24/25!

Friend’s family

What will they get?

  • Their child will come along for a FREE lesson
  • Their child will get a prize from the prize tower

If they enrol

  • They will have 1 lesson fee deducted from their September 2024 invoice!
  • Their child will have 1 FREE holiday workshop to be used in any holiday during the academic year 24/25!

Check out this video explaining our Bring A Friend treats!

Some of our lovely students & teachers!