Live online learning PLUS our
'Here to help room' and Art classes

Specially adapted lessons and activities for your child to learn from home.

Kip Live is a platform that allows meaningful and challenging learning from the comfort of your home

We are now OPEN! However we still offer an online service via Zoom. 

We are able to use to connect with your child for their weekly 80-minute tuition session. During these sessions they will have:

  • Personal set work planned on the IKip platform which they can log into at home. This is planned by their Kip teacher and based on your child’s individual needs. This work can be accessed at the time of their normal session. If they are unable to attend the session, they will still have 6 days to complete the work.
  • At the time of their session, they will also be able to join their Kip teacher live via Zoom. During this session, feedback will be given on any written work sent in, time will be spent answering any questions about their work, teaching and deciding what needs to be worked on next. 
  • Secondary Students can submit any written work via e-mail, up to 2 days before their next session. They will receive feedback on this during their session time. In the email subject line please can you add your name, teachers name, lesson day and lesson time.
  • Since Lockdown 3 we have added FREE EXTRA HELP for our students – Here to help sessions (1 to 1 drop in session with one of our teachers) For more information on these FREE events and the timetables, please click on the relevant tab below.

Check out this video

for more info!

How it works – click on the titles below:

IKip Online Lesson:

  • A platform your child is familiar with, as it is the same as they use in their regular lesson at Kip.
  • Your child’s teacher plans according to their needs and progress, reviews the lesson personally and gives feedback.
  • This is better than bulk work or an online platform that self generates lessons that might not be suitable to your child’s needs. We include that special human touch.
  • Your child’s Ikip log in has been emailed to you.

Written work – Secondary Children only:

We want there to be more interaction, teaching, and feedback with your child’s Kip tutor as we know this will add more value to their learning. Therefore, we created a practical way for your child’s teacher to mark and review their written work too!

Please follow the instructions below regarding homework or written work:

Primary or Secondary Children – Meet with your teacher live via Zoom

Every week your child will be able to join their teacher live at their normal lesson time via A meeting ID will be sent out. This ID stays the same every week.

Please note the Here to Help session will not be running in the Easter Holiday’s. Instead, please go to our workshops page to see what workshops are running, plus our new Easter Passes.

Primary School Children only –  Free Online Help

From feedback we received after the previous lockdown parents have said it would be useful if there was a teacher at hand to explain a concept a child is struggling with in their Kip or School work. We have created a free Here to Help Zoom room for your child to come to if he/she needs some help. This is a drop in 1-1 session and will be first come, first serve (no need to book). Children will wait in the Zoom waiting room and the teacher will type in the chat box what time they anticipate they will get to him/her. Time spent with each child will depend on how many children are waiting. We have at least one of these slots per day, some days more. Anyone can come to these sessions not just the students of the teacher who is leading it. You can also ask either Maths or English questions.

Here are the new times from the 8th March:

Wednesdays: 3:30-4:10 (with Verity)

Thursdays: 6:40-7:20 (with Verity)

Fridays: 4:20-5:00 (with Andrea)

Please note: As the schools reopen on March 8th, we need to amend our teachers work schedules. Therefore, this week (1st March – 5th March) will be our last week of focus sessions. As from the 8th March, we will still be running our Here to Help Sessions and Sue’s popular art sessions – please go to the relevant tabs for days and timings. 

KIP LIVE – Online Protocol:

By joining the zoom call your child agrees to the following protocol:

– Please be logged in and ready 5 minutes before the start of the session.

– Wait in the ‘waiting room’ until let in.

– Only your child is allowed on the call – please have no other distractions around eg. pets or other family members.

– Your child will be in an appropriate, quiet environment and will be appropriately dressed (as if they were to come to the centre).

– Instructions from the teacher must be followed and sensible behaviour is expected.

– No recording is allowed.

Please note these art session will not be running in the Easter Holiday’s. Instead, please go to our workshops page to see what workshops are running, plus our new Easter Passes, which includes Art.

Why not do something creative after school with our fabulous teacher Sue.

Sue will be running a FREE ‘come draw with me session‘ for Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. These sessions are a good calming down, rewind session, with no parent input needed!

No need to book, just join us on Zoom (ID available from our reception)

Tuesdays 4-4:40 (Year 1-3) 6:10-6:50 (Years 4-6) – starting from the 8th March. 

Have fun 🙂

FAQ for Kip Live:

How do I use Zoom?

You can either copy the complete link into a browser and your session will begin when the teacher lets you in. Or you can go to and click join meeting and type in the 9-digit reference.

Please download in SD not HD.

Will I receive a different ZOOM ID for each lesson?

No, if your lesson and time stays the same and hasn’t changed, then your Zoom ID stays the same each week.

I haven’t received my ZOOM email login.

If you haven’t received your email login, please check your spam folder.

If you still haven’t received your login email, please email the centre ( and somebody will check your email address and resend it to you.

How to I send in homework?

If you have been given written work please take a photo and email back to Please ensure you have added your tutor’s name, day, time, child’s name and child’s surname in the subject line.

Help your child become a more capable and confident learner from the comfort of their home. Enquire today to find out more about Kip Live, our online learning programme.

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To Mr Vlok and Mr Meyer, I got into Southend girls high which was my first choice, Thank you for all your help with my 11+ work. Love from,

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