This Summer, we will have a huge variety of brand new 11+ workshops available, for both Kip members and non Kip members! 

  • Kip students: You are able to book any workshops you wish, regardless of the subject you attend Kip for.
  • Please note that in order to receive a refund upon cancellation of a workshop, you must notify Kip McGrath Brentwood no less than 7 days before your workshop is scheduled to take place.
  • All workshops will take place on the Monday of each week.
Below is a list of the summer 11+ workshops,

these will be bookable in the near future, so make sure to keep an eye out!

  • 11+ Non Verbal Reasoning Workshop
  • 11+ Verbal Reasoning Workshop
  • 11+ Algebra Workshop
  • 11+ Writing Workshop
  • CEM Walkthrough Workshop
  • CSSE English Walkthrough Workshop
  • CSSE Maths Walkthrough Workshop

My children attended the Writing Workshop for years 4 and 5 in October and they absolutely loved it. The first thing my daughter said to me was that it was really fun and the time flew by. Both children have asked to go again next time you run them.