Flexi-Plus learning for Primary School Students

Specially adapted lessons and activities that allow your child to learn from home.

Flexi-plus is a platform that allows meaningful and challenging learning from the comfort of home

At Kip McGrath, we have been working hard on a new platform for our Primary School children, called Flexi Plus. This new platform will allow your children to work from home remotely.

This is so much more than our normal flexi/at-home lessons. We are adapting our lessons for students to not only just do more online activities at home via the Flexi lesson portal but we are adding more layers (hence the name, Flexi-PLUS).

Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure your child’s learning loss is minimised during this time when the schools have closed. We have adapted our lesson formats to ensure that all children enrolled with us will still be able to sustain and make good educational progress and will receive more than just additional online work.

FLEXI PLUS – iKip Online Lesson:

  • A platform your child is familiar with as it is used in their regular lessons at Kip McGrath.
  • Your child’s teacher plans according to their needs and progress, reviews the lesson personally and gives feedback.
  • This is better than bulk work or an online platform that self-generates lessons that might not be suitable for your child’s needs. We include that special human touch.
  • 11+ Students will also be able to do papers and additional work on the 11+ pro platforms.

FLEXI PLUS – Written work:

  • We want there to be more interaction, teaching, and feedback with your child’s Kip tutor as we know this will add more value to their learning. Therefore, we created a practical way for your child’s teacher to mark and review their written work too!
  • On iKip, your child’s teacher will set some written work that you can either print off and do on the sheet or do on a separate piece of paper.
  • Take a photo of the work and email it for your teacher to mark.

FLEXI PLUS – Teacher Video:

  • Every week your child will receive their own personalised video from their teacher (we have used this with mock exam feedback in the past and the students love it). Your child’s personalised video will show on your their iKip platform when accessing your child’s work.
  • Your child’s teacher will give feedback on any written work submitted as well as the iKip lesson they did. The teacher will also teach any new concepts for the next iKip lesson.
  • The video sits on a private platform called Dubb. This means they will only see their own video with no adverts. The video can be played back and looked at again.

FAQ for Flexi Plus – Primary School

What browser do I use?

To access iKip you need to use Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome (not internet explorer).

How do I access iKip?

To access iKip you need to use the following URL link: https://uk.ikip.com (this is the same as your child’s online homework and iKip programme they use in the centre, so will be very familiar to them).

Who do I log in as?

Always log in as YOU, not your teacher – Login: firstnamelastname (lowercase, no space), Password: 123 (login details are on your email).

Where can I see my video?

Your video is available to view from your iKip platform where you access your work. You should copy and paste the URL into a new tab in your browser.

I haven’t received my email login.

If you haven’t received your email login, please check your spam folder.

If you still haven’t received your login email, please email the centre (admin@tuitionbrentwood.co.uk) and somebody will check your email address and resend it to you.

When will my lesson go live?

You will receive your iKip login and password by the time of your normal lesson – If you haven’t received it within 30 mins of your lesson please contact the centre.

My video keeps glitching/cutting out.

Please check your broadband connection, try another device or use your 4G.

Please allow time for the video to download. This could take up to 15 mins.

How do I send back my homework?

If you have been given written work please take a photo and email back to kipteacher1@tuitionbrentwood.co.uk. Please ensure you have added your tutor’s name, day, time, child’s name, and child’s surname in the subject line.

How long do I have to do my Flexi Plus Lesson?

You have 5 days to complete your Flexi Plus Lesson and to send any homework back via email to kipteacher1@tuitionbrentwood.co.uk

Help your child become a more capable and confident learner from the comfort of their home. Enquire today to find out more about Flexi-plus, our online learning programme for Primary School students.

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