Covid-19 Procedures

The measures we’ve put in place to keep your child safe

Here’s what’s changed at Kip McGrath Brentwood

Before coming into the centre, please ensure that you and your child are familiar with the safety procedures that we have put in place as set out below. In attending the centre, you agree to our safety guidelines and will follow them.

As you are aware, the Covid-19 guidelines have changed once again. Secondary students are now no longer required to wear face masks during lessons. However, secondary students are still required to wear face masks when moving about the centre.

Before your child attends an in-centre lesson, we ask that you assess whether they or anyone in their household are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms. Click the button below for more information.

Can my child return to Kip?

We’ve rearranged the centre to allow for adequate social distancing between students and teachers before, during and after lessons. To view a full 360 degree tour of the centre, please click the button below.

360 Degree Tour

If you’ve got a question about whether your child is permitted to visit the centre, it may be answered in our FAQs. Please click the button below for our approach to Covid in various scenarios.


What if we miss a lesson due to covid? Please note that we can not currently accommodate catch up lessons for any missed lessons in the centre. All missed lessons however can be done from home- please see the updated missed lesson policy.

If you have any queries or concerns about the changes we’ve put in place due to Covid-19, please get in touch. A member of our team will be able to answer any questions for you and your child.

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The Kip team are doing a fabulous job in these challenging times, it can’t be easy especially for the
teachers and staff with children themselves. Thank you.