11+ Mock Exams with Evaluation sessions 2022! Face to face, within a school environment!


Is your child sitting the 11+ Exam in September 2022?


Why not book one of our 11+ Mock Exams followed by an Evaluation Session, both to be held in Shenfield High School during the months of May through to August 2022.

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11+ Mocks Exams are a crucial part of the 11+ preparation, giving your child an opportunity to experience what it really will be like on the day of the exam. Find out how your child will do outside the comfort of their living room and experience what it is like sitting an exam in a high school, with an invigilator, up against the clock. It is amazing how nerves can effect a child’s performance and taking mock exams will help eliminate any anxious feelings they are having.

We will mark everything on the day, giving the students an opportunity to be able to go through the papers that afternoon with our expert 11+ specialist teachers. During that session the students will have the opportunity to go through their errors and see how they lost marks. The evaluation session is for students only. This is a vital part of the process and they will be given evaluation sheets to fill in and take away which will clearly indicate the topics they need to work on for both English and Maths. We will also give the average results and high scores for both papers so that you will be able to see what your child’s result means in relation to those they sat the exam with.

Please note the same Covid rules apply for the Mocks in Shenfield High as it does in our centre:

  • Don’t come if showing Covid symptoms or been in contact with anyone with symptoms/self isolating or waiting for test results.
  • When coming in and leaving, please sanitise hands.
  • Registers will be taken.
  • Only students will be allowed in the building.
  • Please social distance when queuing up to enter.
  • Desks will be wiped before and after the papers and in the afternoon.

To book your 11+ Mock Exams, please use the booking forms below.

The cost of each mock with the evaluation: £90 for 1 or 3 for £245 or 4 for £300.

CEM 11+ Mock Exams

CSSE 11+ Mock Exams